Monday, November 10, 2008

Ways to Relieve Tension in the Workplace

Don't have healthy lifestyle? More than stress, a lot of employees and business persons complain of suffering from tension in the workplace. Be it the kind of tension that is triggered psychologically or caused by physiological problems – it can still hamper productivity and dampen people's motivation to perform better. If you find yourself suffering from tension in the workplace, here are some tips to help you relieve it:

1. Stretch in the morning or before you go to work.

Psych yourself before going to work in the morning. Stretching and exercising before going to work can loosen up your muscles and flood your system with endorphins, the body's natural feel-good hormones. A lot of people tense their muscles out of habit unknowingly. Stretching and exercising can relieve muscle tension – whether self-inflicted or not - and prevent the build up of lactic acid in the fibers which can cause pain.

2. Practice stress reduction and relaxation techniques.

When you have deadlines put on top of other deadlines, escaping from stress and tension can be an impossible task. Stress triggers the release of the hormone cortisol which can make you anxious and prone to mood swings – a surefire way to increase your tension levels. As such, the better you keep stress at bay, the more your chances are at escaping the grips of tension. Practice stress reduction and relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation at regular intervals during the day to provide your body a means to release built-up stress. This way, you save yourself from stress and undue tension.

3. Brighten up your workspace.

Sometimes, tension is rooted in psychological factors like anxiety, mood swings, and depression. While medications and therapy sessions can help you overcome these psychological barriers, brightening up your workspace can provide you with an immediate boost that can help you through the day. Equip your workstation with pleasant things that can keep your energy up. Tack a comic strip in your cube or put a collection of funny pictures on your desk. Offices usually allow employees to design their cubicles – ask if you can bring your eclectic desk lamp or paper your cube walls with a nice design. These little changes can brighten up your workspace and keep stress and tension at bay.

4. Opt for a healthy lunch.

The morning rush to get things done can make you hungry, stressed, and tensed enough to eat a horse by lunch. However, resist the temptation to order a steak at your favorite lunch place. Red meats are known to promote stress – something you do not need in the middle of a workday. Instead, opt for a healthy lunch of salad, sandwich, or white meat. A light meal of fish and vegetables can fill you up and supply you with vitamins and minerals that can help you get through the workday without stressing. It's also a good idea to snack on fruit for an energy boost without risk of sugar rush.

5. Use breaks wisely.

Instead of gorging for the whole lunch hour, take a few minutes to walk around and stretch your muscles. This short burst of exercise can prevent the build up of tension in your muscles which can be painful. If you feel tired, you can use a few minutes of your lunch hour to take a short nap. You can also spend some part of your lunch to read non-work related books or talk with your colleagues about topics other than work.

If tension bugs you incessantly, you can talk to your doctor about using muscle relaxants or other medicines that can help you overcome it.

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