Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saving Up for Anxiety Treatment Health

Anxiety disorders and the psychological problems they entail usually mean a fair amount of spending and expenses on medications, therapies, and counseling sessions. Not to put you off about seeking anxiety treatment but these can be quite costly given the skyrocketing costs of health care services and medications. The medicines alone are enough to empty your pockets sans the professional guidance of a doctor or psychiatrist. If you want to save up on anxiety treatment costs but are smart enough not to forgo quality and recommended care, here are some tips that can help you out:

1. Ask your doctor to switch your prescription from branded ones to generics.
Generic drugs are exactly like branded medications except for the fact that the latter is more popular commercially. Do not worry if your generic anxiety medicine looks different from its prescription counterpart; shapes and colors are just marketing ploys used by pharmaceutical firms to enhance brand recognition. By opting for generic drugs, you get the same therapeutic benefits of brand-name drugs sans the higher costs.

2. Subscribe to an online discount pharmacy.

A sure way to order generic anxiety drugs online is to sign up or subscribe to an online discount pharmacy. Discount pharmacies often sell medications, particularly generic ones at lower prices compared to most local and Internet drugstores. There are many online resources that can teach you how to choose a reliable discount pharmacy online so you can take advantage of it safely and effectively.

3. Check with your doctor or pharmacist about pill-splitting.

Pill-splitting is an effective and easy way to save on prescription medication. In the United States, it is usual for a pack of low-dosage pills to be in a similar price range with a higher dosage one give or take a few dollars. You can use a pill splitter to split the medicine in half to get the dosage that was originally prescribed. However, this will only work for regular pills and tablets. Pill-splitting may affect the efficacy of tablets and pills with special coating and a time-release action. If you can’t contact your doctor, you can ask a registered pharmacist from an online pharmacy.

4. Get your discount prescription drugs in bulk.

Regardless whether you choose to stay with brand-name medications or generic ones, you can still save a lot if you opt for bulk purchases. Since anxiety treatment is usually a long-term process, it can help you save a lot of money if you buy your medicines in bulk. Aside from saving on delivery costs and other fees, you can also take advantage of the discounts that come with larger purchases.

5. Check with your health insurance provider.

Review your health insurance policy for a list of in-network online pharmacies. You can get special policyholder discounts or have your insurance provider pay part of your medication expenses if you buy your anxiety medicines from an in-network pharmacy. If you cannot find the list or if it has some provisions that you do not understand, call up your insurance provider for more information.

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