Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Handling Depression: A Six-Step Guide

When someone says that he or she is depressed, most people react by telling the person to just “snap out” of it. But, as current medical studies show, depression is not something one can just snap out of. Often coupled with a social anxiety disorder or rooted in emotional abuse, depression is a clinical condition often characterized by a variety of symptoms like extreme sadness, mood swings, and loss of interest in life. Fortunately, all is not lost even if you are diagnosed with depression. Here are six tips that can save you from depression:

1. Acknowledge your condition and seek professional medical help.
Acknowledgment is the first step towards treatment for depression. Once you have acknowledged that you do have the symptoms of someone experiencing depression, seek professional medical help. You can talk to a psychiatrist who can help you address your fears about seeking depression treatment.

2. Determine the cause of your depression.
Depression can be caused by a variety of factors and identifying its cause is winning half the battle. Causes can range from excessive stress and anxiety to phobia. Once you acknowledge the existence of your depression and have identified its cause with the help of your doctor, the two of you can work through a variety of options to cure your condition.

3. Take the prescribed medication under the strict guidance of your doctor.
More than just stabilizing your moods to control your depression, prescribed medicines by your doctor can help you get back on track. Similar to anti-anxiety medication, depression medication works by correcting the chemical imbalances in your body that trigger emotional overdrives.

4. Minimize stress and anxiety.
Feelings of despair and losing control can be exacerbated by stress and anxiety. As such, anti-depression drugs are best taken with stress management techniques. Some of the most popular techniques you can use to temper your depression include talking to a counselor, listening to soothing music, and living healthy.

5. Get educated and learn more about your condition.
Knowledge is power – and you certainly need as much power as you can get when you are depressed. Surf the 'Net, talk to health professionals, read journals, and learn about related conditions. You can ask your doctor about emotional abuse, social anxiety disorder, and even phobia. By being informed about your condition, you can be empowered in controlling it.

6. Join depression support groups or organizations.
Talking about how you feel about your depression and the steps you are taking to control it with other people who are in the same boat serves to purposes. First, you learn from their techniques and their experiences in dealing with depression. Second, all of you serve as inspiration to each other in taking control of your lives once again.

Do not let the stigma of seeking psychiatric help detain you from seeking treatment for your depression. It is far more unhealthy to wallow in self-pity and despair than to endure a few awkward questions from people who are there to help you. Take control of your life and do what is best for your health – seek treatment.

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