Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Depressed? Or Is It Depression?

There are many anti-depressant medicines online that offers. Feeling depressed every once in a while especially when we're going through a “not so nice” phase in our life is typical. Everybody feels this way sometimes, right? Usually, you would comfort yourself by thinking that it would soon go away on its own. After all, it's just another bad day. However, if that bad day lasts longer than it typically does, and as time wears on, you find yourself being dragged farther downwards, then maybe, just maybe, it's already depression.

But where do we draw the line between feeling depressed and suffering from depression? Most of the time people who are beleaguered by this seriousmood disorderare not even aware that they already have it. And by the time everyone realizes that maybe it could be something more serious than just being unhappy about something, it may be too late.

So before you even find yourself nearing the end of you rope, it is best if you seek psychiatric help right away. Give yourself another chance at life. For tips on how to find out if you could be suffering from depression or not, read carefully the indicators listed below.

You no longer find pleasure or enjoyment in the things and activities you know you love. And this includes sex. The interest and passion have withered away, and everything is just a wash of drab gray.

You are lethargic and always feeling exhausted. This remains true even if you hardly moved a muscle throughout the day.

You experience difficulty in recalling things, even those that you know you should have known all the time. All of a sudden you have become forgetful, when as far as you're concerned you have a fairly good memory.

It is hard for you to focus. You constantly find yourself getting distracted or losing your train of thought or concentration.

You don't sleep like you used to. There are times when you just can't sleep even if you're bone-tired from working all day. At times, you just awake in the middle of the night, and when you try to go back to sleep, you can't. But then again, there are also days wherein you still crave for a much-needed nap even when you've had more than 10 hours of sleep the night before. You don't really have to experience all of these funny changes in your sleep pattern. Having one or two of them is enough to alert you that there could be something wrong with your moods.

Your appetite has also made a 180 degree turn. So it's either you find yourself gaining weight or losing it. Either way, it could be indicative of depression.

Life is suddenly devoid of meaning; you feel like a worthless piece of scum drifting aimlessly, headed nowhere. This makes you contemplate on committing suicide.

You experience physical pains; which could include stomach pain, headache, and muscle pain. You can't tell why you have them, and they don't respond to the usual treatments. In medical language, these are referred to as somatic symptoms.

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