Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why You Need to Stop Smoking

It is good enough to get motivated from stopping smoking, you need a powerful, personal reason to quit. Choose a reason that is strong enough to outweigh the urge to light up. There are many terrible effects of smoking that we need to know in order for us to get motivated to stop smoking.

One is the pictures of a rotten lungs if we do not stop smoking..And If all those pictures of rotten lungs were not enough to scare us to stop smoking, maybe, looking at the benefits would be more appropriate for us.

* If we stop smoking, our blood pressure drops after 20 minutes. The temperature of our hands and feet begin to normalize.

* The level of carbon monoxide in our blood drops to normal level within eight hours after we cease smoking.

* Within two up to three months after we kick the habit, the function of our lungs is raised by 30% and our circulation improves.

* We automatically reduce our risk of getting heart disease within 24 hours after stopping.

* If we are able to stave off smoking for an entire year, we decrease our risk for coronary heart disease to only half that of a smoker.

* Within five up to fifteen years after we have kicked the habit, we greatly reduce our risk of having a stroke. In fact, our risk lowers to the same level as a non-smoker.

* We become less susceptible to cancer in the following areas: esophagus, mouth, throat, pancreas, bladder, and kidney.

* After a decade of quitting smoking, our risk of getting lung cancer would decrease greatly, to the point that it is just the same as a non-smoker.

* Shortness of breath, coughing, sinus congestion, and fatigue diminish in the span of one up to nine months.

* The Cilia, little strand-like structures in the lungs that is in charge of mucus removal, starts to function normally within a span of one up to nine months. This improves their capacity to cleanse the lungs, which decreases the chances for infection.

* Dragon breath—bad breath due to smoking—is eliminated permanently.

* The risk of getting gum disease is diminished when we stop smoking.

* When we stop smoking, we stop our nails from turning yellowish.

* Quitting smoking removes the cause of our stained teeth.

* When we stop smoking, we reduce our risk of getting premature wrinkles.

* Kicking the smoking habit will normalize our smelling ability.

* You would become more energetic and active.

* We would not easily run out of breath when we do strenuous activities.

* When we quit smoking, we would take more pleasure from doing exercises.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to choose the best and natural skin care products?

How do you maintain your skin? With many products available in both local and online market. It is hard to believe what's the best skin care product for you. It is hard to choose and stick with one product. To help you to choose the best skin care product, here are some brief discussion about basic guidelines that can help you to choose and pick the right product for you.

1. You have to know and understand your skin type. Advice from dermatologist is needed, to know your skin type. Evaluate your skin type if it's oily or dry skin. If it's oily, it appears as shiny all over most of the time while dry skin shows itchiness due to lack of moisture. If your skin experienced the combination of these two types – oily in the forehead, nose, and chin while staying rough on the cheeks – you may have what it called combination skin.

2. Do Some Advice from Friends. Do you have friends with great and healthy skin? or know people that works in beauty and skin industry? If so, take advice from them. Their great skin should be testament enough to the quality you can expect from the skin care products they recommended.

3. Informed you skin care products. Different Skin care products are compose of different substances. Some may be wholly organic while others make use of preservatives and chemicals. Vitamins, minerals, oils, and a whole lot of other skin care ingredients find their way inside your jars of moisturizers, bars of soaps, and tubes of creams.You should know this thing to prevent chemical reaction before you use it.

4. Make a Skin Care Product Reviews. To make reviews are a great technique to ensure the quality of certain skin care products. Statistics and Calculation used by manufacturing companies can only tell you so much. Log on with some forums, community and groups to check what real people have to say about certain products. Look for the objective skin care reviews that expose and discuss the good and the bad about products.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your Aging Parents

Some parents are afraid to get old, aging parents can be very difficult. Daughters and Son's are eases troubles by keeping a record of definite information regarding and concerning parent's health. Aging or getting old can be very difficult for your parents especially if they have always been independent. As a responsible daughters and son to your aging parents, caring for your aging parents is very important. Be sure to be patient and know the following details in case a medical emergency arises and they can save precious time and speed up treatment:

* Information about Lifestyle habits. Smoking, living on a diet high in cholesterol and sodium, and drinking can all influence your parents' health. If you have any knowledge of pertinent lifestyle habits that can affect treatment, be sure to inform the attending physician.

* Information about Birth dates. Often medical records and insurance information are cataloged according to birth date. This can improve communication in an emergency or a crisis. This is also very critical since a lot of treatment procedures and medications nowadays are age-specific. If you do not know your parents' exact age, at least you can figure it out using their birth dates. Keep this information handy by writing it down on a note card or recording it in your phone.

* Information on Major medical problems. This includes such conditions as diabetes or heart disease as these can interfere with the possible procedures or medications that can be administered to your parents.

You need to keep a record of the things that being said about in case of medical emergencies. Be updated so that your parents can receive accurate medical treatment, prompt and suitable health condition.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Secrets of Eternally Youthful Skin

Nightingale droppings, azuki beans, rice bran, seaweed, silkworm cocoons, shark liver oil, mandarin wood vinegar, and sake---Japanese women believe that these are the secrets for achieving smooth, white, and eternally youthful skin.

Contrary to many modern Western beauty techniques, Japanese skin care relies heavily on its roots in ancient remedies passed down from generation to generation and made widely popular by the geisha who epitomized the image of flawless beauty. These beauty treatments have a strong focus on anti-aging and fighting sun damage, both of which are detrimental to having the smooth white skin so prized by the Japanese. By reinventing these ancient beauty techniques and giving them a high tech edge, they have given women around the world a new way to regain their skin's youthful bloom. Touted by celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, these beauty treatments are now likely to be found in a salon or store near you.

But what makes these seemingly bizarre treatments so effective? The answer lies in the ingredients themselves. The Japanese have discovered long ago that using organic natural ingredients was more beneficial to the skin than using chemical-based products. Even today, this continues to be a central theme in the country's billion dollar beauty industry, lead by cosmetics giants Shiseido, Kanebo, and SK-11.

Here are a few examples of the interesting ingredients that are used in these beauty products and treatments.

* Rice bran – Known as nuka, the outer layer of the rice kernel is an effective exfoliant as well as being rich in oil and an antioxidant called phytic acid. This helps improve blood circulation and stimulate cell turnover, preventing blemishes and wrinkles, and giving the user the rosy-white skin prized by the Japanese. Rice bran also contains squalene (an organic compound more commonly harvested from shark liver), a hydrocarbon used as a natural moisturizer.

* Azuki beans (also spelled as adzuki) – Also used in many desserts and other food items, the azuki beans are ground into a powder and used as a gentle exfoliant to cleanse the skin, unclog the pores, and get rid of excess oil. When mixed with a little warm water, the resulting paste can also be used as a facial mask.

* Wakame – This type of seaweed is a popular ingredient not only in miso soup, but also as a detoxifying, smoothing, firming, and anti-aging product. Today, this is a component of many face creams, soaps, and masks.

* Nightingale Droppings - A traditional whitening agent, powdered nightingale guano is combined with water and used as a face pack. In the Japanese language, it is called uguisu no fun. It is almost odorless, and contains an enzyme called guanine that appears to gently bleach the skin while smoothing and toning the complexion.

* Silkworm cocoon (Mayutama) – These are also used as an exfoliant, and are cut to fit on the fingertips and used like a dry sponge. Silkworm cocoons contain a protein called sericin, a silk protein which helps balance the skin's amino acid content and stimulates the epidermis.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Steps to Healthy Pregnancy

Sometimes womens are afraid of getting pregnant due to some implications that may occur. When women discover that she was pregnant, that is the start of asking a question about what are the things to do to be safe during pregnancy. You are thinking of what to do or what activities to change during pregnancy. Here are the five steps that might help you to guide to a healthy pregnancy.

1. Exercise: this is good for you and for developing a baby. Most important is to know what will be the best exercise for you learn. There are some activities that you should avoid during pregnancy to ensure the safety of baby. It is important to visit a doctor to discuss and get recommendations of what kind of activities or exercise you have to do.

2. Careful of what you eat: It is really important to know what foods you will eat during pregnancy, it is important to eat well balanced and healthy diet. Make sure you eat vegetables, fruits, milk, fish and dairy foods.

3. Dont drink alchol and do not smoke: Some women go on drinking and smoking. Based on the study, women who drinks heavily on a regular basis during pregnancy are known to be at greater risk of giving birth to a baby.

4. Checkup Regularly: Pregnant women should go to the doctors to check up regularly. To ensure that there is no implication during pregnancy.

5. Rest: Resting is very important, do not allow yourself to be over fatigue. Sleep well.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Teenagers healthy lifestyle

Not all teenagers are physically fit and not really living a healthy lifestyle. In terms of adopting healthy eating habits, teenager prefer eating fad foods that virtually have no nutritional value. In a case of drinking, teenagers also try to drink that contains liquor instead of healthy drinks. Parents don't know what are the actual foods and drinks eaten by there daughters and son when they are out of home. Diet, sleep, dental hygiene, emotional health, social health and exercise are just few of the issues of the teenagers.

These are some attitude for teenagers to develop with:

Exercise Actively and daily
Get properly eight hours of sleep every night.
Please do not use drugs.
Do not Smoke.
Drink in moderation and never binge drink in front of your teen.
Eat a healthy food, make a diet plan.
Drink eight glasses of water per day.

Healthy Weight Loss

Are you stress to loose some pounds and weight? Some people tried everything and seems that it doesn't work. There's a lot of ways to tackle this problem. There are many programs that tackles about weight loss and only some are effective.

Here are some of my healthy Weight loss tips that is effective for me:

Start on Exercise Plan: One of the best thing to exercise is to walk. It helps to reduce calories and fats.

Eat several Small meals a day: Control about your eating, if you knew that the food can increase your calories then don't eat that food. Manage your eating habit from morning to evening. Start A diet plan.

Do some Sport Activities: People need about 60 minutes of physical activity a day but that it doesn't mean 60 solid minutes at a stretch. Shorter, repeated bursts of activity during the day can help burn calories, too. In fact, any physical activity counts.
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