Thursday, January 7, 2010

Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

In USA, American smokers has been decreasing through out the years. Although Women smokers is decreasing much slower compared to male counterparts. Based on the study, it shows that smoking produces adverse effects in the mother and the baby is continued throughout the term of the pregnancy. If your are pregnant and you didn't yet stop smoking, think it.

You have to stop smoking in order for you and your baby have a good health.

Read some information on how smoking can affect your pregnancy and the unborn baby.

There are some naughty, saying that there are some pregnant women who smoke but still have a healthy baby. This is a wrong thinking I think, Yes they are lucky their babies are made of stronger stuff. But actually, they are the exemption rather than the rule as studies show that there is a great chance that you may not be able to carry the baby to full-term.

Babies of smoking mothers often have breathing problems upon birth especially if they are born earlier than scheduled. Miscarriages are also common among smoking mothers. The stakes are high so why take the risk of losing your baby just for a chance to puff a cancer stick?

Some effects of smoking during pregnancy:

1. The babies of smokers often have low birth weight.
2. Under size babies tend to have underdeveloped bodies.
3. Smoking during pregnancy can have lifelong effects on your baby's brain.
4. A shortage of oxygen can have devastating effects on your baby's growth and development.

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