Friday, January 22, 2010

How Healthy Is Your House?

People say that healthy living starts at home. And it's true. Healthy living is not just about eating the right kinds of food or exercising day in and day out. It's about having a healthy home - a place of rest where you can cast your worries aside and just enjoy your space. Healthy home is very important. Here are some tips on ensuring that your home stays as healthy as possible for you and your family:

1. Dust your place regularly. Dusting your home, by means of a dust rug or vacuum, helps get rid of allergens and possible irritants like dust, pollen, and pet dander. If you can, replace carpeting with wood floors for easier clean up and less dust.

2. Check your paint. Paint can contain lead - and when inhaled, lead particles can cause headaches and respiratory irritation. If possible, have your house repainted using lead-free paint for easier breathing.

3. Use natural household cleaners. Many household cleaners contain chemicals and substances that are possibly harmful to your health and that of the environment. To minimize risks, switch to natural cleaners like baking soda and lemon juice for a cleaner and healthier home.

-Tin Gonzaga

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