Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three Smells To Sniff For Better Health

If I tell you that smelling stuff can make you healthier, would you believe? I am talking about normal, everyday smells that you just ignore or dismiss as unimportant to your health. Sniff more of these smells for better health:

1. Green apples
If you find yourself craving for a particularly unhealthy food - such as chips or sweets - get a green apple and sniff it. Studies show that sniffing the scent of green apples reduces cravings or the urge to satisfy them. As a bonus, you can also eat the green apple as a snack after your cravings have abated. An oil or perfume scented with apples will work too. Just don't eat it.

2. Orange
Lavender is not the only scent that can calm frayed nerves. The scent of oranges can do it too. Researchers have found out that the scent of oranges can make people calmer and feel less anxious.

3. Rosemary

If you want help when studying or keeping your mind alert, take a sprig of rosemary. Studies have found out that the scent of rosemary can keep your mind alert and able to retain more information.

-Tin Gonzaga

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