Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Flourish Despite Hot Flashes

People say that 40 is the new 30 and that 50 is the new 40, but having hot flashes can seriously cramp your style. They raise your temperature up, make you sweat buckets, and generally unfit for a public outing. Take your life back with these suggestions on coping with hot flashes:

Weight loss. If you are overweight, losing excess pounds can help relieve symptoms of hot flashes. But stick to 30 minutes of aerobic exercises daily - more than that and you are looking at another episode of hot flashes.

Relaxation techniques. Hot flashes often come when you are agitated or stress. Get zen with rhythmic breathing by taking deep and slow breaths until you ease the stress out of your system. Relaxing also helps stave further hot flash episodes. It is also best if you avoid highly charged and emotional situations.

Lifestyle changes. There are some habits that can trigger an episode of hot flashes if you do not take care. Smoking, eating spicy foods, drinking hot beverages, taking in caffeine, and consuming alcohol are just some of the most common triggers. Using diet pills and indulging in saunas and very hot showers can also contribute to hot flashes.

-Tin Gonzaga

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