Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Things That Stress Us Out

There is no way for anyone who is alive and thrives in the modern world to ever avoid stress. As natural as breathing itself, stress prevails in most of the activities we do on a day-to-day basis. Although most of us have an innate ability to perform stress management on our own, there are certain situations that prove to be too much for us that handling them by ourselves could compound our stress further.

Stressful situations vary in accordance to their difficulty, which directly affect the amount of stress any of us could obtain should we undergo them. Hence, in dealing with stressful prevalent in these situations the best means would be to deal with the causes themselves. And the only way to deal with them is to stay away from them. Below are the three most stressful circumstances we should try to keep away from as much as we could lest we seek to punish ourselves.

Spreading ourselves too thin

Balancing too many activities at once may give us a short-lived high because we tend to derive satisfaction from the thought that we have what it takes to accomplish them despite difficulties. However, this sense of gratification can only persist during the first few stages where we are most likely to succeed. Halfway through everything, we can find ourselves exhausted and unnerved, for we have used up most of our energies without even accomplishing a single task. Furthermore, the thought that we have several tasks to complete and each one only half done would add to our stress, sapping what little energy is left in us. As a result, our speed and accuracy in tackling the tasks would nosedive; we would struggle to finish, praying and hoping that we would manage to complete at least one of them. All in all the stress that we have to deal with in the face of such a demanding situation could really burden us so much to the extent that we might not succeed in finishing any of the tasks we had undertaken.

Not doing what you can do today

One of the most typical causes of stress is procrastination. Delaying our responsibilities for a much later time would only multiply the amount of stress involved therein. A typical attitude borne of laziness and/or poor judgment, putting off what we must do today in order to do what we desire (usually something non-urgent or of less importance than the task at hand) would only drive us to the edge once we get around to doing them. Due to time constraint, the pressure accelerates to debilitating heights and the outcome: we are driven crazy because we have to expend maximum effort and energy into the long hours we have to put into completing these tasks, which would have been much simpler if only we did not delay doing them.

Having to deal with “crazy makers”

There are people who challenge us, and there are people who inspire us. But then again, like black and white, there is a unique breed of people who seems to have existed for the sheer purpose of destroying our life. These people are called”crazy makers.” As to why they are referred to as such, the term itself provides the explanation. And if we are at a loss as to what exactly these “crazy makers” do, well, they make life troublesome for us until we are on the verge of losing our minds. They criticize us and find fault in everything we do every chance they get. They give unsolicited advice and comments aimed at denigrating us. All the negativity they surround us with pulls us down and stresses us out. The only consolation we could derive from them is that they do not necessarily drive us crazy through a direct and nasty manner. But this barely does anything to decrease the effect their black remarks have on us. And since fighting them verbally or physically would only mean that we're stooping to their level(which makes us no different from them, really); then it would be best if we just do our best to detach from them and kick them out of our lives completely.

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