Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Programs to Help You Quit Smoking

A lot of smokers find it hard to quit smoking because they subscribe to anti-smoking programs that do not really work. If you are frustrated with your current anti-smoking technique or program, here are some noteworthy stop smoking programs you can try to help you quit puffing on cancer sticks:

Smoke Away Stop Smoking Program

Smoke Away is a smoking cessation support program that includes a unique variety of traditional herbs that can help maintain your sense of health and well-being while breaking your smoking habit. It uses an all natural medicine range which helps ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Along with all of these, it also provides an audio support program that helps in reinforcing your decision to quit and keep you motivated.

Online Stop Smoking Program

Most people smoke due to physical and emotional stress caused by career and personal life demands. Online stop smoking programs are Internet-based smoking cessation programs that aim to guide smokers in quitting by providing information on health benefits, tips, and guidelines. Two primary examples are the Quit for Life Program and the SmokerAID program.

-Tin Gonzaga

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