Monday, April 5, 2010

Don't Fall into a Stress Mess

Stress, in certain situations, is good for the body. For example, a brief bout of stress can give the immune system a beneficial boost in mobilizing all major types of immune cells, or leukocytes, to potential infection sites around the body. Some people also claim to work better and more efficiently under stress.

But stress is not without negative side effects. In excess:

1. Stress can make you look old.
Stress damage to DNA is the culprit behind wrinkles, gray hair, and diseases that can shorten your lifespan by speeding up the rate by which you age.

2. Stress can be counter-productive in excess.

Doing important things that require careful thinking, planning, and analysis in a short time can make your work shoddy. In addition, you may miss important details and botch up what should have been a good job.

3. Stress can cause muscle pain.

Stress - due to the presence of adrenaline - can make your muscle taut, rigid, and tense.
-Tin Gonzaga

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