Monday, March 22, 2010

Clean Home = Healthy Life

A cluttered and messy home is a dangerous place. As such, it is important to keep your home clean at all times. Keep your home safe from dangers like allergens and unstable surfaces in six easy steps:

1. Make the beds. This house cleaning tip is essential to do when you first wake up. Ask other household members to do the same. Fluff your pillows and straighten the sheets for a crisp, clean look.

2. Address the critical tasks in the bathroom.
The most efficient way to perform this is to find a durable cloth. Use it to clean mirrors then use it to wipe the bathroom counter top, sink, and faucet. Spray the tub and shower area including the curtain liner with daily after shower spray to prevent soap scum and mildew. Wipe the toilet seat and rim, then use a brush to clean the toilet bowl.

3. Pick up as you go.
Throughout the day (or evening) as you go from room to room, remove items from the floor such as toys, books, newspapers and put them in their appropriate place. Encourage all household members to get in the habit of doing this as they leave a room.

-Tin Gonzaga

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