Friday, February 26, 2010

Stop Heart Disease Before It Starts

Heart disease is caused by many things: stress, genetics, smoking, high-fat diet, diabetes, and inactive lifestyle among others. Every year, thousands of people die of heart disease. And the sad thing is, most of these deaths or cases of heart disease could have been prevented if proper precautions have been taken.
Catch heart disease before it starts by undergoing these tests periodically:

Sleep test. Sleep deprivation causes stress and stress harms your heart by making it work doubly hard. Even when you are just mildly sleep deprived, it can cause your body to release stress hormones that constrict your arteries and cause inflammation.

Undergo a sleep and stress test to gauge how stressed and sleep-deprived you are. The more stressed and sleep-deprived you are, the worse for your heart.

Fingertip test. A recently developed test called an EndoPAT can painlessly measure the health of your blood vessels. This finger test is so beneficial because the arteries in your heart (your coronary arteries) react to stress the same way blood vessels in your arm react to constriction of the blood pressure cuff. The health of your circulation system is a contributing factor in heart disease.

- Tin Gonzaga

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