Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grow Smarter as You Get Older

Are you starting to forget appointments or errands? Have you found yourself standing in a room with no idea what you came in for? As we age, our mind and brain functions start to deteriorate and slow down. As a result, we become inefficient in remembering things, have difficulty grasping concepts, and even strain our mental faculties. But growing old should not be an excuse for decreasing brain functions - there are things you can do to stop or slow down deterioration. Here are some of them:

Stay social.
Look up old friends and meet with them. Attend reunions or join clubs. Staying social provides your brain with added stimulus - making it more active and able to retain more memories.

Keep calm. Bad vibes - anxiety, stress, negative emotions - can age your brain. Allow yourself time during the day for calming activities to help your brain recharge.

Use your brain. The more use your brain gets, the better it will be. Engage in activities that challenge your thinking and mental faculties. Solve a puzzle, complete a crossword, do number games, or read. Engaging in a hobby like playing an instrument or drawing can also help.

-Tin Gonzaga

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