Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weight Loss Betting Odds

Almost everything that could possibly motivate someone into losing weight has been tried. The health benefits, the prospect of making weight loss fun, and even the sexual benefits of being in better shape have all been used. Frankly, not all of them have been successful, and most of them don't really work for very long. People by nature will avoid working out and exercising if they can, no matter what benefits they may get out of the fact. Well, some people have asked the question that many believe should have been asked much earlier. Why not give people money to lose weight?

No, it should not, theoretically, be as simple as just giving them a certain amount to get them to lose a certain number of pounds. Some have suggested making it a game or competition of sorts. The idea is relatively simple. Offer someone a wager of a small amount to motivate them to lose a certain amount of pounds within a given time constraint. Once that is accomplished, wager a larger amount for them to accomplish a larger amount of weight lost. Theoretically, a person can keep doing this until the person doing the weight loss has reached their target weight. Also theoretically, they might be able to keep that weight off with constant wagers against their ability to do so.

Money could become an incredible motivator given the current global economic conditions. Money is something that people would need to keep things going, and it'd arguably not that much of a sacrifice to shed a few pounds for a little extra cash. There is also the feel of competition, where the person is being challenged into shedding excess weight. That challenge, particularly for those who like to be challenged and don't take hits to their ego very well, would be the main motivator. The money involved would just be very nice icing on the cake.

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