Thursday, December 18, 2008

Male Suicide, Depression On The Increase

As the times get harder, people can become more desperate. This is particularly true during economic times, which can make a person's personal and private problems worse – or at least, seem worse. Thus, those who are already under the effects of a mood disorder like depression get worse, and those that do not, can often find themselves walking a very thin line. It is no wonder that, faced with such difficult circumstances, more and more men are expected to attempt suicide or live with prolonged episodes of one form of depression or another.

It is generally considered a bad idea to actually attempt suicide when a person feels suicidal. The mind is not up to solving problems properly when in a suicidal frame of mind, with the inability to move out of that mental state being difficult. Most people with depression or suicidal thoughts do not fully consider the risks involved in their attempts, and that those risks will usually fail to outweigh the benefits. It isn't just men who are prone to the dangers of this either, even though women have traditionally been much less likely to attempt suicide than men. Another thing to note is that even the most successful, who have lives with achievements worth celebration, can succumb to the unreasonable desire to perform self-termination.

The final act can be very confusing, and often leaves the survivors in a fragile emotional state. Sadness and despair are to be expected, as they have likely just lost a loved one. Some respond with disgust or distaste for the event, while others may feel angry. In most cases, experts believe news of a suicide also worries anyone who hears about it because, at any given time, any individual could be driven to such an act. The numbers backing that up are stomach-churning and frightening, but also hard to ignore. In 2005, nearly 26,000 men took their lives – four times larger than the number of women who did the same thing. Women were found to be three times more likely to attempt suicide than men, however.

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