Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's Normal Body Temperature?

Fever is the human body’s natural defense. It is often noticed by medical and nursing staff manning hospital emergency wards that fever related illness and illnesses can account for up to half of all emergency room and ward visits. During the cold winter months with their chills this can swell to up to 70 % of the total patient visits. Wintertime it seems is when kids and young children seem to be most susceptible to the flu and “colds”.
Yet even the most experienced and seasoned parents and even grandparents often start to fret and worry when a fever or fevers come on to scene. Yet it’s the case that fever rarely is a cause in itself for great concern or alarm. For the greatest party overall fevers actually do people and patients good rather than being harmful. Fevers are natures and the body’s own way and means of dealing with infections in a good, proper and comprehensive way.
To begin with, as a means of reassurance to parents, if your child does have a fever – in almost all cases these fevers are caused by viruses – not bacterial means.
Left alone with no medicines or antibiotics these viruses that your child has unfortunately contracted – are self limiting. What that means in ordinary layperson’s words is that left alone they will go away all by themselves. Your child or adolescent will be fine – the fever will be gone and there will be no lasting or permanent damage to health or body.
If there is one message that has to be conveyed and driven home to parents that is that “98.6 degrees Fahrenheit” is not “normal “body temperature.
98.6 degrees is “mean “or “average” temperature. What that means is that different people – your kid included can have a baseline temperature of their own body’s preference which is different than that magic number. On top of that the child or person’s temperature can vary for any of a number of factors for that same person.
Count in activity, dehydration, time of day, season, temperature outside and any of a number of reasons. Not only does a “regular” temperature differ from person to person – it also varies for that one person themselves. So be reassured as a parent or caregiver.
We all want to be good parents and caregivers. Yet it’s important first of all to understand that there are variations in body temperature. It’s best to treat the person or the patient not the thermometer temperature reading. With today’s
High tech electronic and even laser thermometers which can be read by the red flash of light halfway to the moon it’s just too easy to fall prey to the measurement rather than the patient or child is just fine. Have patience and take a load off your mind.
Garry Doerr
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