Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toddler Adjust to the Presence of a New Baby

Healthy Lifestyle with a new healthy baby. When you have a new baby, most, if not all of your attention is likely to be devoted tohim or her. This is all right for new parents but not so much for those who have another child. As your attention leans toward the younger baby – understandably since he orshe’ll need more special care – your older child may feel neglected and threatened by the presence of his or her sibling. Here’s how to help your toddler adjust to the presence of anew baby:

1. Give him a “big brother” job.

Your older kid may feel left out now that you have another child to focus on. Instead of pushing him out of the way, include him in caring for the baby. Give him a role like fetching diapers or holding the bath towel when the baby bathes. He can sing the new baby lullabies or even prepare his new sibling’s bed. This way, your older child will feel that he is still part of the family; it’s just that the roles have been changed.

2. Continue bonding with your older kid.

While the younger child definitely needs more of your time, he or she cannot consume all of it. Make use of your free time by bonding with your older child. If you used to bake cookies together, do it. Better yet, find story books about siblings and read it to your toddler. There are also books that teach kids how to be good big brothers or sisters. Make this your when-the-baby-sleeps bonding moment.

3. Acknowledge his feelings.

Babies are cute. Often this quality alone is enough to make adults coo with delight. But this doesn’t usually work for toddlers. Take time to ask your older child how he feels about having a new sibling and respect that. He’ll outgrow it soon enough with attention and love from you. A tip though: Do not force your child to do big brother duties when he’s not yet comfortable about having a new sibling. He’ll come around in time.

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