Friday, October 31, 2008

Complications Arising from Depression

Depression can kill us. It starts out as a typical feeling of being “down”, not in the mood to do the usual things we used to like. Simply put, we are not in the mood for life. However, we all have ups and downs, don't we? There would always be those days when everything seems to be shrouded in gloominess. As such, we would just do well enough to get by through the day, knowing all too well that it would eventually come to an end. However, if that state of gloominess does not go away and we find ourselves getting sucked into the motions of sorrow, we should be wary. These are the depression alarm bells alerting us into action.

Facing the Facts

Although it is one of the most typical health conditions plaguing humanity in general, depression is something none of us should ever take lightly. It has nothing to do with a weak spirit or inferior personality. As simple as it may appear to us, snapping out of depression is never too easy. Depression as an illness is also called by these terms: major depression, major depressive disorder, and clinical depression. Formally, it is a psychological ailment that has serious effects on both our mind and body. Once we are diagnosed as medically depressed, we would be subjected to serious treatments. Among them is antidepressant use to alleviate our condition.

Normally, if we are feeling down, our friends or loved ones may advise us to simply change our way of thinking. It is a common misconception that depression is simply a state of mind, capable of being controlled anytime. However, since it is a certified ailment, it works the other way around. If we do not address depression, it controls us and we are helpless against it. As a chronic ailment, depression would necessitate a long-term treatment, as in the case of heart ailment and diabetes. Despite the fact that there are some individuals who experience only a singular episode of depression, most sufferers tend to have several episodes throughout their lives.
Complications Rising

Depression acts as a trigger, setting off other illnesses and negative conditions, most of which are life-threatening. At its peak, it can cause serious damage and pain.

If we do not seek medical help right away, it automatically plunges us into a vicious downward cycle of illness, dependency, and lastly, suicide. It is also liable to create a domino effect; affecting our personal lives, relationships, professions, health, and finances. These are the adverse effects and complications linked to depression:

At its worst, depression could prompt us to take our own life by committing suicide.
We can become addicted to alcohol or drugs or even both.
Our anxiety level shoots up dramatically.

We become more susceptible to suffering from cardiovascular conditions like heart disease.

We would encounter problems and conflicts in school and work due to it.

Relationship issues concerning our family, friends, and other loved ones are shaken by conflicts generated by this condition.

We would intentionally isolate ourselves from the rest of society.

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